At-Home Hobbies: Bird-watching and Conservation for Kids

Nature hobbies can be an excellent way to spend time as a family. While conservation is all about protecting the environment, it can lead to enjoyable hobbies such as gardening and crafting. Watching birds is a hobby than can transcend age groups, appealing to people of virtually any age. Children often find bird-watching fascinating, especially when you focus on attracting birds to your own backyard where children can watch to see which birds visit each day. One of the benefits of birding is the absence of expensive gear and equipment. With a pair of binoculars and a field guide to birds, you can begin bird-watching to enjoy this hobby.

Bird-Watching Info

To attract birds to a backyard, plant native plants that will help create a natural environment. It's also helpful to hang bird feeders filled with types of food eaten by birds in your area. Keeping a birdbath filled with clean water will also provide birds with a source of water, which they need. Kids may enjoy keeping a record of birds sighted in their backyard. A standard notebook is ideal to use as a bird journal. Kids can write down the names of birds seen and the dates. They might also enjoy drawing pictures of the birds they see. Although the backyard is the perfect place to begin bird-watching, you can also venture out into your local community. Visiting parks and nature areas with binoculars and a field guide can be an enjoyable excursion.

Conservation for Kids

Conservation is a general term that pertains to various ways people can save nonrenewable resources. These resources can include electricity, water, trees, and more. By finding ways to reduce the number of resources you use in your daily activities, you contribute to a worldwide effort to save the Earth. Using less water is one way that everyone can conserve this nonrenewable resource. Turning off the faucet when washing hands and brushing teeth is an easy step that virtually anyone can take. You can also plan a family project to collect rain water to water plants. Replacing standard faucets and toilets with low-flow models is another way to reduce water use. Conservation can also include recycling efforts. By recycling materials such as paper, metals, and plastic, you can keep these items out of landfills while they are used again for new products. Donating used items so they can be used by other people is also an important way to reduce the amount of trash that enters landfills.

Getting Involved

Kids can get excited about many types of family activities and projects. Whether you plan a bird-watching excursion to a nearby park or you organize a family work project to help the Earth, your children will likely be eager to participate. These activities can be enjoyable ways to spend time together as a family, and everyone can benefit from learning about birds, nature, and environmental conservation. When you teach children these concepts, they may be more likely to pursue them throughout their lives.

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